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"In firefighting, minutes matter": Arctic blast causes danger for first responders

02/03/23 10:31 PM

LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) — Firefighters across Western New York had a more difficult time doing their jobs on Friday, dealing with the cold, wind and bitter temperatures. Multiple fires broke out across the area. Battling fires can present several challenges, but extreme weather conditions, like the Arctic blast, makes it more difficult. Hoses and nozzles [...]

'Felt like they didn't exist': Monterey Park officials apologize for not acknowledging firefighters

02/01/23 3:29 AM

Monterey Park City Manager Ron Bow says he should have recognized the Fire Department's first responders' role in responding to the mass shooting sooner.

'Hug 'em hard,' Dwayne Johnson says after his mom survives an L.A. car accident

02/03/23 4:15 PM

Dwayne Johnson got 'that 3am call' about his mom's L.A. car accident but said she's OK: 'a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real.'

'I feel duped': Inside the fast-food industry's push to dismantle a new California labor law

02/02/23 1:00 PM

California voters complain that canvassers for a measure to repeal a law expanding protections for fast-food workers lied about the effects.

'My life will end here': How a Lunar New Year celebration became a fight for survival

02/01/23 11:44 PM

Accounts from witnesses inside Star Ballroom Dance Studio paint a clearer view of what happened when a man walked into the Monterey Park studio armed with a semiautomatic pistol.

'Please hurry, please': 911 call, surveillance video paint harrowing picture of Goshen massacre

02/04/23 1:47 AM

Tulare County authorities, announcing arrests in last month's Goshen shootings that killed six, released audio of a 911 call and a video that shows a mother trying to escape with her baby.

'They have to return to survive': Farmworkers back at work after Half Moon Bay shootings

02/02/23 2:00 PM

Officials are looking to see if they can help farmworkers find new homes and work after two shootings left seven people dead in Half Moon Bay on Jan. 23.

'They were devastated': Uncertainty for housing seekers amid rapidly changing guidance

01/30/23 10:24 PM

Homeless people with emergency housing vouchers were told by L.A. County last week that the vouchers were suspended. This week they got a reprieve.

10 ways the Bills can save salary cap space to add pieces and finally win a Super Bowl

02/03/23 5:42 PM

Bills GM Brandon Beane has his work cut out for him with the salary cap. But to win a Super Bowl, hard decisions will be necessary.

15-year-old killed, another person injured in shooting at Montclair mall; suspect at large

02/03/23 5:11 PM

The shooting was reported about 8:10 p.m. Thursday in the parking lot at Montclair Place, police said. Authorities have not released any information about a suspect or motive.

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