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'An angel shouldn't ... go that way': Neighbors in Reseda horrified by killing of 3 young children

04/10/21 8:51 PM

Neighbors stunned by killing of three 'beautiful' young children in Reseda.

'Godzilla' monitor lizard climbs up store shelves in 7-Eleven store

04/07/21 7:45 PM

People stopping at a 7-Eleven for food got more than they bargained for when a six-foot monitor lizard strolled in.      

'Haunted Victorian Child' Dog Wins Hearts Via Hysterically Honest Adoption Post

04/10/21 12:34 PM

Prancer hates men, other animals and has created a "demonic Chihuahua hellscape" in his foster's home.

'It's a sad season': How athletes, coaches are coping with collegiate programs being cut

04/11/21 3:52 PM

More than 171 college teams have been eliminated since the pandemic started in March 2020. Here's are the stories of eight of them.      

'It's alarming': 4 gray whales found dead on Bay Area beaches in 9 days

04/10/21 11:41 AM

The whales spend the winter off Mexico's waters, then they head back north and stay off the coast of California in spring and summer.

'One of the strongest men I knew': DMX's ex-wife Tashera Simmons pays tribute to rapper on her 50th birthday

04/11/21 1:36 PM

Fans, celebrities and the music community are mourning the loss of rap legend DMX, who died Friday at 50. Read what Tashera Simmons, Snoop Dogg said.      

'Rapid Progress' Made on Post-Brexit Trade Deal with New Zealand: Report

04/11/21 3:28 PM

The United Kingdom has reportedly made "rapid progress" in securing a post-Brexit trade deal with the British commonwealth nation of New Zealand, which would see British companies enjoy greater access to the market and cheaper food imports back to the UK.

'Saturday Night Live' tributes DMX and takes jabs at Derek Chauvin trial

04/11/21 3:56 PM

Kid Cudi wore a dress for his "Saturday Night Live" performance, turning heads and lighting up social media.      

'We are all heartbroken': Robert Shook, who initially survived shooting in South Carolina, dies

04/11/21 4:56 PM

Robert Shook, the sixth victim in a South Carolina mass shooting, dies. The Cherryville man was father of three and worked for GSM Services.      

'We are done dying': NAACP, others express outrage at pepper-spraying of Black and Latino Army officer during traffic stop

04/11/21 6:25 PM

Virginia's attorney general, at least one congressman and the local NAACP are furious at the actions of Windsor police officers during a traffic stop.      

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