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12-Year-Old Jaylen Griffin’s Body Found In Attic Near His Family’s Home

04/22/24 10:00 PM

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia confirmed that the boy's body had been left in the attic for a "significant amount" of time.

70 Percent of Workers Likely Exposed to Climate Change Risks

04/22/24 3:59 PM

Excessive heat, UV radiation, pollution, and other hazards are likely already impacting billions of workers around the world. But companies can take important precautions.

8 Levels Of Accountability To Manage As A Business Leader

04/23/24 3:06 AM

It's key to manage your own accountability as well as managing it in team members.

A Black Photographer Captures The Tradition Of ‘Wash Day’ In New Photobook

04/22/24 10:10 PM

To celebrate this cultural act, Faxio captured the routine and stories of 26 Black families for "Wash Day."

A National U.S. News Outlet Is Hiring a Full-Time 'Lauren Sánchez Reporter'

04/22/24 8:22 PM

The Daily Beast's new chief content officer, Joanna Coles, revealed the senior reporter opening on Instagram.

A Worrisome Sign? Business Economists Now Say Companies Can No Longer Raise Prices

04/22/24 8:21 PM

A survey from the National Association for Business Economics predicts mixed results over the next three months thanks, in part, to still stubborn inflation.

Apparel Retailer Express Files for Bankruptcy Protection, Will Close Over 100 Stores

04/22/24 9:54 AM

Bankruptcy will affectBonobos and UpWest Express as well, as fashion tastes change and people cut spending.

Biden Administration Deports Haitian Migrants Amid Criticism Over Country’s Ongoing Violence

04/22/24 8:50 PM

In March, the Biden administration was sent a letter from more than 480 human rights organizations asking for a number of concessions from the United States government for Haitian migrants.

Biden Marks Earth Day by Announcing $7 Billion in Federal Solar Power Grants

04/22/24 8:40 AM

The Environmental Protection Agency will distribute funds to 60 residential projects serving low- and middle-income communities nationwide.

Bitcoin To More Than Double In Value To $150K By Year-End, Says Standard Chartered Analyst: 'We Can Push Higher Again'

04/23/24 4:59 AM

The price of Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) could still more than double this year, according to a bullish forecast by Standard Chartered analyst Geoff Kendrick, despite the recent pullback. read more

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