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'Over The Top' Workplace Appearance Policy Made Employee Quit Her Job — But She Was Missing Teeth Due to Domestic Violence

02/03/23 8:09 PM

The company has since removed what has been called a "smile policy."

3 Things To Automate In Your Airbnb To Achieve Location Freedom

02/03/23 6:30 PM

Many people dream of having passive income through Airbnb. By following these automation tips, you can make that dream a reality.

4 tips to help small businesses make the most of Black Friday

09/28/22 10:03 AM

Black Friday might seem like the preserve of retail giants, but with the right strategy, even the smallest business can take advantage of one of the biggest shopping opportunities of the year. Whether it’s an innovative marketing campaign, or an offer your customers simply can’t ignore, there are plenty of ways to make Black Friday… The post 4 tips to help small businesses make the most of Black Friday appeared first on O2 Business Blog.

5 Startup Marketing Moves That Work Even in Uncertain Times

02/03/23 9:00 PM

You may not be able to predict the future, but these battle tested marketing moves will help you create opportunities, even in the most trying times.

A Man Went To Italy For Pizza and the Entire Trip Cost Him Less Than One Domino's Pizza -- Here's How He Did It

02/03/23 8:09 PM

Influencer Callum Ryan pulled off the seemingly impossible on a recent adventure to Milan, Italy.

Amazon Fined For Exposing Warehouse Workers To Ergonomic Injuries

01/18/23 3:11 PM

Repetitive bending and lifting at a fast pace have led to a high injury rate at the online retailer, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said.

Amazon Layoffs Climb To 18,000 Employees As Tech Giant Moves To Cut Costs

01/04/23 11:52 PM

“Amazon has weathered uncertain and difficult economies in the past, and we will continue to do so," CEO Andy Jassy told employees.

Amazon Loses Appeal Of Historic Union Election Victory, But Succeeds In Wasting Time

01/12/23 1:37 PM

By disputing the Amazon Labor Union’s win at the JFK8 warehouse, the online retail giant has delayed bargaining a first contract.

Amazon’s Anti-Union Consultant Broke The Law, Judge Rules

02/01/23 7:18 PM

The online retail giant paid Katie Lev's firm hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to defeat an organizing campaign in New York.

Apple CEO Tim Cook's Pay To Drop By 40% In 2023

01/13/23 9:57 AM

Cook recommended the adjustment based on feedback from shareholders, the company said in a Securities and Exchanges Commission filing.

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