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"In Close Coordination With Canada...": US On Hardeep Nijjar's Killing

10/03/23 3:01 AM

The US has said it is in close coordination with Canada on allegations regarding the Indian government's involvement in the fatal shooting of Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

"We Don't Feel US Support Has Been Shattered": Ukraine

10/02/23 11:27 PM

Ukraine's top diplomat said on Monday Washington's support for Kyiv was not weakening, and played down the significance of a stopgap funding bill passed by US Congress that omitted aid to Ukraine.

'We have a little piggy in the squad:' Italy's gymnastics chief gets off with warning after bullying claims

09/29/23 5:12 PM

The head of Italy's rhythmic gymnastics national team, suspended after a group of former athletes made allegations of bullying over their weight and diets, received a simple warning on Friday.Emanuela Maccarani had been relieved of her role within the Italian gymnastics federation (FGI) pending investigations into her behaviour.On Friday, the FGI disciplinary commission, followed recommendations of the body's federal prosecutor Michele Rossetti that "there was no evidence of intentionally or excessively vexatious behavior in relations with the gymnasts"."There was no relentless effort to obtain an additional medal," he added.Maccarani's assistant Olga Tishina was cleared of any fault.In late October, three former rhythmic gymnastics, including two double world champions, made claims of abuse in a series of interviews with daily La Repubblica.One of the gymnasts, Anna Basta, said she had twice thought about killing herself, while 19-year-old Nina Corradini quit the national set-up in 2021 after spending "every minute of the previous few months wishing I could escape".Giulia Galtarossa, a world champion in 2009 and 2010 who is and now 31, said she was berated by a coaching assistant for eating a pear, and handed her diet sheet with the message "we have a little piggy in the squad".Maccarani had held the position of Italy's rhythmic gymnastics team's technical director since 2018. She was also the team's long-time head coach.She had denied claims of psychological abuse, saying the accusations came from disgruntled gymnasts who were not selected for Olympic squads.Parents of gymnasts training at the national centre in Desio wrote a letter to the head of Italy's Olympic Committee in support of the 57-year-old, who has won a raft of medals for Italy since taking charge in 1996.© 2023 AFP

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'Who Are They Kidding?': Mehdi Hasan Exposes House GOP's Most Brazen Hypocrisy Yet

10/02/23 2:36 AM

The MSNBC host isn't buying the latest outrage from the right.

5 takeaways from last night's Republican presidential debate

09/28/23 10:00 AM

Missed the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night? Here's what you need to know about what happened.

72 People Charged After Widespread Looting Spree In Philadelphia

10/02/23 4:51 PM

Scores of people robbed multiple stores last week, with many participants and observers posting videos of it online.

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$80 Million-Worth Winery Icon Danica Patrick Empowers Women All Around With a Simple 7-Word Message

10/02/23 10:37 PM

Beyond the high-speed world of racing, Danica Patrick has a deep passion for food and wine. In 2009, she took a remarkable step by purchasing property on the prestigious Howell Mountain in Napa. There, she planted grapes for her wine brand, Somnium Wine. “Somnium” translates to “dream,” and for Danica, this venture was indeed a… The post $80 Million-Worth Winery Icon Danica Patrick Empowers Women All Around With a Simple 7-Word Message appeared first on EssentiallySports.

'Abbott Elementary' Star Shows Support For NFL Cheerleading Alumni

09/24/23 6:26 PM

Former cheerleaders for the Washington Commanders are still upset at the NFL for not releasing the investigation report into the workplace culture.

'I couldn't ask for much more' - Denny Hamlin on leaving Talladega with a 50-point cushion on the cutoff in the Yellawood 500

10/02/23 7:40 PM

Denny Hamlin describes what it was like being a lap down for the second consecutive drafting-track race and hoping for a caution. This time, he got one and was more than satisfied leaving Talladega with a 50-point cushion on the cutoff in the Yellawood 500 Cup Series race, on October 1.